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Volume 11 Number 3

Gay Issues, Schools, and the Right-wing Backlash
By Eric Rofes
A look at how different schools around the country are responding -- some with sensitivity,others with repression - to issues of sexuality.

Border Tradition on the Line
By Melissa Heinz Bennett and David Bennett
Some New Mexico schools are struggling over whether to continue opening their doors to children from neighboring communities in Mexico.

Hypocrisy Distorts the Standards Debate

Clinton's Educational Initiatives
By Bob Peterson
A close-up look at the rhetoric and reality surrounding President Clinton's education initiatives.

Lessons from England: Charters, Choice, and Standards
An interview with Geoff Whitty
The English author and scholar compares school reform efforts in his country with those in the United States.

Race, Power, and Funding: An Historical Perspective
By Robert Lowe
A look at the long history of unequal funding for schools that serve African-Americans.

Black Teachers on TeachingExcerpts from Michele Foster's new book, including comments from five African-American educators.

More is Not Better
By Andrew McCuaig
An examination of the conflict between depth and breadth in school curriculum.

How Society Short-Changes Young Children
By Bob Peterson
Preschools and elementary schools are forced to make do with fewer resources than schools that serve older kids.

The New NEA: Reinventing Teacher UnionsExcerpts from a speech by NEA President Bob Chase

Helping Students Critique Miss Saigon's Stereotypes
By Debbie Wei