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Volume 11 Number 1

What Happened to the Golden Door?
By Linda Christensen
A teacher comes to grips with the myths about immigration she learned as a child and the sometimes-brutal realities they obscured, as she considers how to teach her own students about this critical subject.  

The Power of Words
By Mark Sweeting
History textbooks are full of euphemisms that sanitize indefensible acts. A teacher and his students explore the imprisonment of innocent Japanese-Americans during World War II, as well as the many textbooks that refer to their "relocation."

Tales Out of School
By Mike Rose
An analysis of the myths and misconceptions about public schools that pervade U.S. political rhetoric, with a special focus on the 1996 platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties.

MPS Revamps Admissions Policies for High Schools
By Barbara Miner
An analysis of the Milwaukee Public Schools' decision to let high schools give preferential admission to 8th-graders with better attendance.

Editorial: MPS Screening a Step BackwardCriticism of the Milwaukee Public Schools' decision.

To Sell or to be Sold- Is That Really the Question?
By Bob Peterson
A critique of School-to-Work programs and the implicit values they often impart about the roles that businesses and other powerful institutions play in society. A Different View on School to Work in MPS By Peter McAvoy A leader of Milwaukee's School to Work program says an article in a previous issue of Rethinking Schools unfairly criticized the program, and offers a different perspective.

How My Schooling Taught Me Contempt for the Earth
By Bill Bigelow
Why is the degradation of natural environments so often interpreted in schools as"progress" or development? One teacher explores the shallow perspective on the environment the was taught as a child, and how he tries to lead his students to a fuller understanding.

City Kids, City Dreams
By William Ayers and Patricia Ford
The authors urge urban educators to stop thinking of urban students as "problems"or "challenges."

Civil Rights 101, Tex-Mex Style
By Leon Lynn
How a high school in El Paso, Texas stood up to abuse and harassment by the US Border Patrol and won.

Nike Nearly Gets the Boot
By Bill Resnick
Coverage of the controversy that arose when Nike, accused of exploiting child labor in Asia, decided to donate $500,000 to the Portland, Oregon school system.

When Things Turn Ugly: Threats in the Student-Teacher Relationship
By Donn K. Harris.
How meeting the challenges of the school day with an attitude of nurturing, not punishment,can help calm potentially disruptive conflicts between students and teachers.

Sending Kids to Market
By Douglas D. Noble
A review of Giving Kids the Business by Alex Molnar, a book which details the commercialization of America's schools.