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Volume 10 Number 4

What Is the Purpose of Assessment?
By Monty Neill
A coalition of education and civil rights groups proposes a system of assessment that is fundamentally different from the typical standardized testing.

Resisting the High School Canon
By Bakari Chavanu
Despite an abundance of engaging Black literature, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" remain high school students' primary introduction to issues of race and racial oppression.

"Our Kids Are Being Set Up"
By Louis Rodriguez
An awarding winning poet and author discusses how schools and communities help some kids succeed while letting other kids fail.

The Role of Whites in Combating Racism
By Milton Meltzer
The Black experience and white racism are central to American life. No teacher can afford to view them as just an old curiosity.

"One Country! One Language! One Flag!"
By Bill Bigelow
A look at the history of the Pledge of Allegiance and ideas for teaching students about it.

Why the Wisconsin Legislature Approved Vouchers for Religious Schools
By Mordecai Lee
Mordecai Lee, vice-chairman of a coalition opposed to vouchers for religious schools (and a former state senator), analyzes the reasons his side lost this battle.

Problems Escalate at Voucher Schools
By Barbara Miner
Financial difficulties, including nonpayment of teachers, plague four Milwaukee voucher schools.

Gay Youth Groups Proliferate
By Eric Johnson
Across the country, support for gay and lesbian student groups is growing.

Schools Should Not Prepare Students for Work
By Gerald W. Bracey
Should schools collude in preparing students to endure the boredom of doing the meaningless, small, and repetitive tasks known as work?

From Coaxing Smokers to Nurturing Students: Louis GerstnerÕs Double Standards
By Derrick Jackson
At the national education summit, IBM chief Louis Gerstner behaved as the self-proclaimed pope of education. Not long before, he was chief executive of a cigarette company.

Navigating the World of Portfolios
By Marc Osten
How one teacher uses portfolios and self-assessment activities in his second-grade classroom.

Moving Beyond Name Games
By Robert Cohen
As conservatives attack the National Standards for U.S. History for being insufficiently Eurocentric and insufficiently patriotic, students and teachers lose out.

Students Must Be Involved in Setting Standards and Goals
By Nel Noddings
National performance goals and a national curriculum won't work. A professor of education considers the reasons.

Michael, the Student Who Inspire Me to Quit Teaching
By Lora Lee Duncan
A teacher watches and learns as a potential dropout becomes an active learner.

Ed-Web: Finding Education Resources Online
By Stan Karp
Most students will never need to create web sites. But they do need to learn how to get information off the web.

Bibliography on HomelessnessBooks and curriculum resources for teaching about homelessness and housing for kindergarten through high school.

An Invitation to Join NCEA
From the Editors of Rethinking Schools