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Volume 10 Number 2

Crossing Boundaries of Difference
By Bob Peterson
A review of "Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks," by Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers

Is Whole Language Doomed
By Harvey Daniels
Six years after whole language was implemented statewide in California, plunging test scores resulted in a new back-to-basics curriculum -- so the story goes. But what really happened in California?

Free the Internet!
A Rethinking Schools Editorial
Knowledge is more than a commodity.

Wisconsin Welcomes the Wild West
A Rethinking Schools Editorial
New legislation prohibits local governments from enacting gun control ordinances that are stronger than state regulations.

Lessons of Chile's Voucher Reform
By Martin Carnoy
A professor of education and economics takes a good look at Chile's voucher program. This well-developed, long-standing program makes it clear that voucher plans increase inequality without making schools any better

"It's Just Homework"
By Chris Liska Carger and William Ayers
Homework seeps into the fabric of daily family life. Here are some homework tales from hell and some refreshing alternatives.

Telling the Truth of the Middle Passage
An Interview with Tom Feelings
Tom Feelings discusses his book "The Middle Passage" -- a book of narrative paintings that portray the nightmarish journey of enslaved Africans from their homes to the Americas.

An International Proverbs Project
By Jim Cummins and Dennis Sayers
Spanish-English bilingual students use computer networks to explore together the proverbs and folklore of their cultures.

Whites Get a Pass on Race Issues
By Derrick Z. Jackson
The media free white people of responsibility for working to cross the racial divide. No pollster ever asked, "Is David Duke a good role model for white youth?"

Dumb Kids, Smart Kids, and Social Class
By Bill Bigelow
A teacher recalls his own experience of sixth grade along with the ways schools reinforce and legitimate social inequities.

"AIDS -- You Can Die from It"
By Kate Lyman
Kate Lyman teaches her second-graders about a difficult subject and provides a bibliography of books for children about AIDS.

We Had Set Ourselves Free
By Doug Sherman
The experience of those whose everyday lives intersected with the Civil Rights Movement is a rich source for teaching about that era.

Conservatives Attack NEA over Gay Issues
By Phyllis Sides
The right-wing group Concerned Women of America claims the NEA is forcing a pro-homosexual program on children.

Good Stuff: Ideas for Inspiration
By Herbert Kohl
Reviews of "Drawing the Line: Tales of Maps and Carto controversy," "I've Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle," and other books.