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Rhythm and Resistance

Rhythm and Resistance

Table of Contents



Chapter 1
Roots: Where we’re from

“You Reading This, Be Ready” by William Stafford


Where I’m From by Linda Christensen

> “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

> “Where I’m From” by Renée Watson

Name Poem by by Linda Christensen

Weaving Poetry Through the Elementary Classroom by Bob Peterson

‘Raised by Women’ by Linda Christensen

> “Raised by Women” by Kelly Norman Ellis

Teaching the ‘I Am’ Poem by Bob Peterson

Inner and Outer Worlds by Ann Truax

For My People by Linda Christensen

> “A Pure Medley” by Adeline Nieto

Talking Back to the World by Renée Watson

Chapter 2
Celebrations: Lift every voice and sing

“Gurl” by Mary Blalock


Praise Poems by Linda Christensen

Odes by Linda Christensen

Aquí y Allá by Elizabeth Schlessman-Barbian

> “Wonders of the City/Las maravillas de la ciudad” by Jorge Argueta

The Age Poem by Linda Christensen

Celebrating Skin Tone by Katharine Johnson

Celebrating Student Voice by Linda Christensen

> “Rayford’s Song” by Lawson Fusao Inada

Remember Me by Linda Christensen

Chapter 3
Poetry of the People: Breathing life into literary and historical characters

“Becoming American” by Khalilah Joseph


Other People’s Lives by Linda Christensen

Poetic Storytelling by Linda Christensen

> “Molly Craig” by Linda Christensen

> “Write that I...” (A Frederick Douglass Narrative) by Alyss Dixson

Learning About Inequality by Linda Christensen

> “Two Women” by Unknown Author

Brown Doll, White Doll by Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino

> “A Woman of Color” by Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino

Why I Use Poetry in Social Studies by Dyan Watson

Singing Up Our Ancestors by Linda Christensen

> “Ritchie Valens” by Myrlin Hepworth

> “Bill Bigelow” by Linda Christensen

> “Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones” by Carrie Strecker

Integrating Poetry into the Elementary Curriculum by Bob Peterson

The Metaphor Poem by Linda Christensen

Chapter 4
Standing Up in Troubled Times: Creating a culture of conscience

“Imagine the Angels of Bread” by Martín Espada


The Poetry of Protest by Linda Christensen

> “Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits/Por fin renuncia Jorge el conserje de la iglesia” by Martín Espada

> “Federico’s Ghost” by Martín Espada

> “Concentration Constellation” by Lawson Fusao Inada

> “Death Toll from Tulsa Race Riots Estimated Between 300 and 3,000” by Katharine Johnson

Happening Yesterday, Happened Tomorrow by Renée Watson

“Forty-One Bullets Off-Broadway” by Willie Perdomo

> “Night, for Henry Dumas” by Aracelis Girmay

What If? by Linda Christensen

Using Poetry as a Tool for Justice by Bob Peterson

Bearing Witness Through Poetry by Renée Watson

Perspective Through Poetry by Kelly J. Gomes

Chapter 5
Turning Pain into Power

“hiraeth” by Renée Watson


Forgiveness Poems by Linda Christensen

Pain and Poetry by Tom McKenna

Knock, Knock by Linda Christensen

> “Knock, Knock” by Daniel Beaty

Black Like Me by Renée Watson

> “black like me” by Renée Watson

Keepers of the Second Throat by Patricia Smith

> “My Mother Learns English” by Patricia Smith

Chapter 6
The Craft of Poetry

“Ode to Writing” by Jessica Rawlins


Image Craft Lesson by Linda Christensen

Verb Craft Lesson by Linda Christensen

The List and Repetition by Linda Christensen

> “Brown Dreams” by Paul S. Flores

Line Breaks Revision by Linda Christensen

Remixing Revision by Renée Watson

Elements of Poetry by Linda Christensen

The Read-Around by Linda Christensen

An Autobiographical Resource List by Linda Christensen

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Rhythm and Resistance
Teaching Poetry for Social Justice

edited by Linda Christensen , Dyan Watson


2015 • ISBN 9780942961614
272 Pages

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