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Rethinking Early Childhood Education


Rethinking Early Childhood Education is alive with the conviction that teaching young children involves values and vision. This anthology collects inspiring stories about social justice teaching with young children. Included here is outstanding writing from childcare teachers, early-grade public school teachers, scholars, and parents.

Early childhood is when we develop our core dispositions — the habits of thinking that shape how we live. This book shows how educators can nurture empathy, an ecological consciousness, curiosity, collaboration, and activism in young children. It invites readers to rethink early childhood education, reminding them that it is inseparable from social justice and ecological education.

An outstanding resource for childcare providers, early-grade teachers, as well as teacher education and staff development programs.

Skipping Stones Award Seal

Winner of a 2009 Skipping Stones Honor Award in the "Teaching and Parenting Resource" category.


Praise for the book:

"This volume is a beacon of progressive early childhood teaching practices. I was constantly impressed with the intimate understanding of young children that shone through teachers’ descriptions of how they engage young children and their families in inclusive practices, critical thinking, and social activism to address biases and inequities and to foster connections to the natural world and critical appraisals of consumerism. When I started reading this book, I could not put it down!"

Patricia Ramsey, Professor of Psychology and Education, Mount Holyoke College, and co-author of Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World: Multicultural Education for Young Children.

"This book is a real page-turner. I just couldn’t put it down! It’s a treasure store of short, interesting pieces by famous and not so famous authors, all of whom write from their hearts and experiences. The subject is so important — equity and social justice — and the writing brings it all down to earth. Everybody should read this book!"

Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Early childhood consultant and author of Diversity in Early Care and Education: Honoring Differences


Rethinking Early Childhood Education
edited by Ann Pelo

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2008 • ISBN 9780942961416
256 Pages

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