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The Line Between Us


"Bill Bigelow has written a wonderful book on critical teaching, filled with examples, resources, and how to transform theory into practice. With ingenuity and integrity, Bigelow pushes to the limits of what's possible in public education."
—Ira Shor, City University of NY Graduate School; author (with Paulo Freire) of A Pedagogy for Liberation

"This is exactly what we need—teachings on Mexican migration to the U.S., one of the most vital issues we face today. It's about the momentous clashes of economics, politics, and race. The Line Between Us has the clarity and weight to guide us through these complex and perplexing concerns."
—Luis J. Rodríguez, Acclaimed author of Always Running and editor of the online Chicano magazine, Xispas.com

"A greatly-needed guide to help break down the growing divisions in this country.  As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, remembering how the next-door neighbor's Anglo daughter was not allowed to play with me, I can only wish young people had been exposed to the thought-provoking information and ideas contained in The Line Between Us."
—Elizabeth (Betitta) Martínez, Chicana activist, educator, and author of 500 Años del Pueblo Chicano/500 Years of Chicano History in Pictures

"At a time when we are increasingly separated by perceptions of ‘us and ‘them,' The Line Between Us helps us understand the global ‘us.' The book invites students to connect the dots between social, environmental, and political issues, and discover our common ground across borders. Equally important, it goes beyond exposing tragedy and suffering, and encourages students to discover hope and courage in stories of resistance."
—Medea Benjamin, Co-founder, Global Exchange and Code Pink

"We need a shared vision of a different type of border that would protect communities, migrants and human rights everywhere. The Line Between Us is an important contribution to discuss and learn about the current border and imagine together the one we need."
—Arnoldo Garcia, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
The Line Between Us
Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration

by Bill Bigelow

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2006 • ISBN 9780942961317
160 Pages

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