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Rethinking Mathematics


This unique collection of more than 30 articles shows teachers how to weave social-justice principles throughout the math curriculum, and how to integrate social-justice math into other curricular areas as well.

Rethinking Mathematics presents teaching ideas, lesson plans and reflections by practicing classroom teachers and distinguished mathematics educators.

This is real-world math — math that helps students analyze problems as they gain essential academic skills.

Rethinking Mathematics will help teachers develop students' understanding of society and prepare them to be critical, active participants in a democracy.

Blending theory and practice, this is the only resource of its kind.


"Who would have thought that math could be taught through such compelling social issues as racial profiling, the war in Iraq, and environmental racism? This superb book is an extraordinary collection of ideas for any teacher who wants to bring passion, engagement, and social justice to the mathematics classroom."

- Lisa Delpit, Eminent Scholar and Executive Director of the Center for Urban Education & Innovation, Florida International University, Miami

"From the songs of Sweet Honey in the Rock we know that 'We who believe in freedom cannot rest.' Now from the pages of Rethinking Mathematics we know that 'We who believe in freedom cannot rest' until we ensure that the learning and teaching of mathematics sings of social justice. We should all learn its new songs."

- Bob Moses, President and Founder of the Algebra Project

Coming in April! New, expanded second edition of Rethinking Mathematics!

Rethinking Mathematics
Teaching Social Justice by the Numbers

edited by Eric Gutstein , Bob Peterson

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2005 • ISBN 9780942961546
180 Pages

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