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Rethinking School Reform


Rethinking School Reform puts classrooms and teaching at the center of the debate over how to improve public schools. Drawing on some of the best writing from the quarterly journal Rethinking Schools, this new collection offers a primer on a broad range of pressing issues, including school vouchers and funding, multiculturalism, standards and testing, teacher unions, bilingual education, and federal education policy.

Informed by the experience and passion of teachers who walk daily into real classrooms, Rethinking School Reform examines how various reform efforts promote — or prevent — the kind of teaching that can bring equity and excellence to all our children, and it provides compelling, practical descriptions of what such teaching looks like.


Please see the additional resources listed in Rethinking School Reform.

Rethinking School Reform
Views From The Classroom

edited by Linda Christensen , Stan Karp

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2003 • ISBN 9780942961294
337 Pages

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