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Transforming Teacher Unions


Download a free chapter: "Survival and Justice: Rethinking Teacher Union Strategy," (PDF) by Bob Peterson

This stimulating 144-page anthology looks at exemplary practices of teacher unions from the local to the national level. It challenges the reader, while presenting stirring new visions of teacher unions for the 21st century. The 25 articles weave together issues of teacher unionism, classroom reform, working with local communities, and social justice.

Contributing authors include Howard Zinn, Dan Perlstein, Robert Lowe, Herbert Kohl, Ann Bastian, and many classroom teachers and union activists. "Transforming Teacher Unions" is a terrific tool for anyone working in or with teacher unions today.

Transforming Teacher Unions
Fighting for Better Schools and Social Justice


1999 • ISBN 9780942961249
144 Pages

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